Ag Tours

Aspen Acres - Sanger
At the quiet, secluded Aspen Acres ranch, enjoy learning origins, traits and uses for llamas, miniature horses, pygmy goats, emus, geese and waterfowl. Meet the Animals up close. Pen areas are wheelchair and electric scooter accessible. Picnic tables for guests. Tours available by appointment. Lovable pygmy goat kids and miniature colts are often for sale. 2717 N. Del Rey Ave. Sanger, CA (559) 291-3099

Hillcrest Farm and Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad - Reedley
Hillcrest Tree Farm is the oldest Christmas tree farm in the Central Valley, and also is home to a pumpkin patch and 15 inch gauge live steam railroad. The Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad runs on weekends in October for the pumpkin patch, and between Thanksgiving and Christmas for the Christmas Trees. During the Blossom Trail Season, the train runs through the pines and blossoms every Saturday and Sunday. Hillcrest Farms invites visitors to enjoy the beautiful picnic areas, gourmet coffees, snacks, lunch items, children's play area and nature walk. The Farm and Railroad are also open to groups by appointment. 6943 S. Reed Ave. Reedley, CA (559) 638-2762

Organic Pastures Dairy - Kerman
Organic Pastures Dairy Company is California's first certified organic, pasture-grazed raw milk dairy. The dairy was founded in 2000 as an extension of an organic farming operation that has been in operation since 1988 as McAfee Farm, a family-owned and operated dairy just outside the city of Kerman. The dairy produces Grade A raw milk using an innovative mobile milking Parlor, which moves to where the cows are grazing. This unique design eliminates the need for cows to walk long distances on concrete and through manure-filled pens to be milked. Individuals or groups are welcome to visit the farm, tour the bottling facility, observe dairy operations, and meet the cows (all of the cows have names). Tours available by written request. 7221 S. Jameson, Fresno, CA (877) 729-6455

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