Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church  


  In 1894, the first Holy Mass of the Armenian Apostolic Church was celebrated in a community hall. In 1900, the first church was built on F and Monterey Streets.

In July of 1913, the church on F and Monterey burned, but by December 1914 a new and special church was dedicated on M and Ventura in the middle of "Armenian Town." This church was the first in the United States built in the tradition of Armenian Church architecture of the seventh to twelfth centuries in Asia Minor. It is also the first American church built by an Armenian architect, Boghos Condrojian (Lawrence Cone). At the "Blessing of the Cornerstones," a handful of soil brought from the Monastery of St. Krikor in Asia Minor was placed in the foundation.

Armenians had begun arriving in Fresno in 1881; by 1920 they were the largest minority group in Fresno. The "Little Armenia" around M and Ventura Streets has stamped Fresno with distinctiveness among the Armenian colonies of the North American diaspora. Nowhere has the Armenian image been quite so vivid as in Fresno.

Armenia was the first nation to proclaim Christianity as the official national religion. It is an independent church with the Archbishop in Antelias, Lebanon.
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